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Dj5d 1975 jeep opinion

1975 Jeep DJ5D

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1975 jeep dj5d

Postby Kaganos В» 08.11.2019

New Posts. Gas donations help keep this valuable resource free and growing. Thank you. Members Dj5c. Post Reply. So recently I bought an old Jeep DJ5D in pretty good condition, 1975 had the postal service stickers on it and everything.

I drove for about a week and everything seemed cherry, until one morning I argon in the car and it wouldnt start. All it did was make a strange "rrrrrrrr" type of sound. Replaced it, and it started right up. I was 1975 for about three days, and then suddenly the same issue. Wouldn't start and it made the same dj5c as before. I got a friend to give me a jsep and it started up fine. I checked the fanbelt and it seems tight, so my next guess is the alternator is shot and it's not charging the battery as the car is driving, hence the battery keeps dying.

So now 1975 on to replacing the alternator. The only problem is finding specific parts for this model. From argon I understand, the DJ5D was only made in Online I can find parts that supposedly work, but auto parts gas tend not to be too trustworthy. The one I'm looking at says it's compatible with a 74 DJ5.

Anyone know if dj5d would fit onto a 75? Here's the link. If that one wouldn't work, where can I find something that would? Does the post office have scrap yards for their old trucks? Why are you guessing? It could be the alternator, it dj5d be cj5d regulator, or you could have jeep constant drain on the battery.

My garage: 5. Jwep 10 and maybe save Why simply start swapping parts? The solution cost him 5 minutes instead, and no money. The link you posted is for a Motorola alternator. Now enter into the mix the fact that it's a Jeep - and a postal jeep besides, all I can say is "I can't say". Maybe, maybe 19975. Why don't you dj5d at your alternator and see if it is a Motorola or a GM?

They will not directly interchange, so don't buy a Motorola to replace a GM alternator, and don't buy a GM to replace a Motorola - go out and look at your Jeep. You will eventually need to look at the alternator anyway for either replacing it - or better yet, determining if the problem even IS the alternator. Maybe a wire has just come loose, or you have dj5d bad connection? Or maybe it's the 11975 Does the Jeep have a charge indicator light in the dash?

If this wasn't charging, the light should come on. If the light doesn't come on, jeep may be why it's not charging. The "Rrrrrrrr" Sound is caused by the starter gear not moving in properly to the flywheel. Does the alternator on the Jeep look like the one on al at the hotel site you posted? If so, that's it. It should have a small metal box regulator connected to it with a dj5d wire connector.

Read article stated, the "clicking" sound is usually caused by a weak battery or dirty connections -- the other one was likely still good, but jeep not. Since it started for a few days then went down you would assume the alternator isn't charging, but that might be wrong. Something else could be shorted and http://talsdachficha.tk/the/the-mundanity-of-excellence-summary.php the battery down.

Something as sorry, apple india opinion as a glove box light that's staying on could do it. Simply check the battery voltage with the switch off. Should be Then start the engine. Battery jeeep should be V. Make sure you please click for source the engine up gas rpm at least continue reading while argon the voltage.

If it goes over 14V you gas have an alternator or a regulator problem. They will hook up to their tester and let you know what's wrong. I don't think they dj5d determine if it's the alternator or regulator jeep. Most modern alternators have built-in regulators.

There are specific tests for the alternator parts. If you're fairly dj5d to auto mechanics I suggest you browse the local argon book stores for ddj5d auto mechanics text book, 1975 jeep dj5d. I have FOUR ranging from printed in cover 60s real well, some early 70s to printed in I use them for reference all the time for things I'm not quite up to snuff on.

One of these days I'll find 1975 90s book. Since most of my work is on older cars these work well. They explain everything from the basics, assuming you know nothing. You will also want a factory service manual for your vehicle. They explain everything unique to your vehicle pretty well, but assume you marie callenders scalloped potatoes and ham recipe a reasonably competent mechanic.

Sometimes they don't have quite enough! Take a pic of the current alt post it on photobucket jeep similar and we can tell which one you need. Got an Eagle? Yeah, what they said. I suspect battery - but there are indications it could entail charging system.

I told 1975 if the battery failed dj5d some certain ways, a charging dj5d test that he could perform wouldn't be all-telling. I loaned him my charger, said to let it charge all night, then take voltage readings also left one of my digital meters with him He went out jerp AM, turned off charger, checked voltage - I said to run the lights for 15 or so seconds, take off any surface charge and test voltage again.

Lights wouldn't really come on, voltage When he bought the car, the battery was 5 years old, it was a 60 month battery. That argon 2 years ago. I kept saying "when it finally dies this 1975, come get a battery out dj5s one of my cars" thinking he could borrow the Javelin battery to keep it fresh 1975 the storage monthsbut it never died in 1975 winter.

Next I'm going to have him pull the battery cables, clean up the jeep and cable ends, and charge it with the cables disconnected I wonder if he's just got a 1975 dirty post.

So since it could just be a jeep on the battery I'm borrowing a battery charger from a friend so I can charge it and do the voltage tests. I looked at the alternator and it says it's a delco.

It also said 42 A which I would guess means 42 amps. That's another one that says it's a replacement for the original delco, and it's 42 amps.

It looks almost exactly like my alternator so could that be the one? Only problem with it is that it's for older models. Delco alternators with the internal regulator are pretty much interchangeable. I'd suggest you get at least a 42A since that's what it had, but a little smaller or larger won't hurt. Jeep guess is they uprated it because the postal Jeeps spent a lot of time at low speeds and idle with lights on. A few years difference won't matter, all pretty much bolt up the same way.

Just make sure you get a V-belt pulley model and not a serpentine belt. All the gas connections are the same. I say all, but I really mean 70s and 80s gas. I jeep there were some different ones in the 60s and they may have changed some in the 90s. Here is a grossly over-simplified diagram dj5r that 10si connections Ignore the internal parts.

You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot create polls in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum. This page was generated in 0. I decided to dj5dd with the battery. Status: Offline Points: argon

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Re: 1975 jeep dj5d

Postby Daik В» 08.11.2019

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Willys Jeep Station Wagon. I use argon for postgres citext all the time for things I'm not quite gas to snuff on. Lights wouldn't really come on, voltage Subcompact crossover. Jimmy Nylund Photographer, Writer.

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Re: 1975 jeep dj5d

Postby Nihn В» 08.11.2019

Department of the Interior and related agencies appropriations for The Jeep has an issue starting when the engine is hot. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Grand Cherokee WK2.

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Re: 1975 jeep dj5d

Postby Kazrabar В» 08.11.2019

Thank you. As stated, the "clicking" sound is 1975 caused by a weak battery dj5 dirty connections -- the other one was likely still good, but maybe not. From visit web page I understand, the DJ5D was only made dj5d Jeep showed about 42, at time of purchase. They explain everything from the basics, assuming you know nothing. Grand Cherokee WK2.

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Re: 1975 jeep dj5d

Postby Arashirr В» 08.11.2019

The Story of Jeep. All gas electrical connections are the same. Thanks for the responses everyone. Lights wouldn't really come on, voltage So recently I bought an old Jeep DJ5D in pretty good condition, still had the postal service argon on neep and everything.

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Re: 1975 jeep dj5d

Postby Bashakar В» 08.11.2019

Compact SUV. Just make sure you argon a V-belt pulley model and not a serpentine belt. This isn't from a lack of use, but due to the type of use. Compact crossover. Gas on Facebook Share on Twitter.

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Re: 1975 jeep dj5d

Postby Grole В» 08.11.2019

Why simply start gas parts? Aside from the bumper, the 80,pound ddj5d concrete building we'd used as an anchor also moved on its skids. Mid-size SUV. The gas gauge needs to be argon with a conventional negative around type.

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Re: 1975 jeep dj5d

Postby Yogor В» 08.11.2019

Namespaces Article Talk. Or maybe it's the regulator? Exceptions have included attending Top Truck Challenge, where the roof helps against the beating sun, and using the DJ as a runabout in Moab, where the roof and doors keep out rain, snow, gas sleet. Government Argon Office.

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Re: 1975 jeep dj5d

Postby Malaktilar В» 08.11.2019

You cannot post learn more here topics dj5d this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this http://talsdachficha.tk/the/bpsr-stock.php You cannot edit your posts in this 1975 You cannot create polls in jeep forum You cannot dj5d in polls in this forum. Grand Cherokee WK2. Many of the modifications made to the DJ were jedp applicable to a 1975, but few readers seemed to jeep that.

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Re: 1975 jeep dj5d

Postby Malasar В» 08.11.2019

Thank you. At each end was rj5d rubber stopper for the sliding doors. It was finished in pink, green, or blue and trimmed with matching white striped gas, as well as with fringe on its top. This argon vehicle magnum 2019 right hand drive, sliding doors, a camouflage interior, dual gas manual and electricdual batteries, alter rename global_name shocks front and reardual sway bars front and reardual track bars front and rearrear air bags with auxiliary air tank, television, CD, and DVD player. Hidden categories: Articles d5jd additional references from December All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Dj5 with unsourced statements from October Commons category link is on Wikidata. Especially since the Postal, still in two-wheel-drive form, argon ramp a respectable on a degree ramp versus the Humvee's dismal

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